Web Engineering

Web Engineering

Why study Web Engineering at iWMC?

As a Web Engineer you will plan, design, program and run sophisticated web sites and web applications. Web Engineers are the most wanted IT specialists today, with an increasing demand.

At iWMC you will learn all aspects of modern web application development within only 15 months of intensive studying. You will learn how the Internet and the Web work on a technical basis. You will become fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, the most important and popular languages of the Web. You will design and program modern, visually appealing, responsive and highly interactive web applications and mobile web apps for smart phones and tablets.

Classes in online marketing, interface design and usability will help you to understand how customer value and user-centered design help web applications succeed. You will learn how visibility in search engines affect traffic, how social media can be employed to reach potential customers and many other factors that are crucial to a website's success.

At iWMC you’ll attend small classes with a maximum of 15-20 international students, coming from all over the world to Nuremberg to study at our College. Your teachers and coaches are experienced practitioners and possess outstanding expertise in their field. They are didactically trained and enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge and skills.


You will graduate with the Diploma in Web Engineering (iWMC), awarded by iWMC, which is recognized by employers all over the world as a professional qualification. The diploma includes a comprehensive graded certificate from iWMC.


In addition to the general prerequisites for admission to iWMC, applicants must comply with the following requirements:

Program Dates and Application Deadlines

Start date in 2014: 15th November, 2014
Application deadline: 15th September, 2014

Class Size

Classes range from only 15 to 20 students, to guarantee an intense education and individual coaching by our trainers and tutors.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for the 15 months program leading to the Diploma in Web Engineering starts at € 12.750 and includes the complete training material and exam fees!

We offer the following payment plans:

Total tuition fee (€) 12,750 15,000
Installments 1 15
Amount of installment (€) 12,750 1,000
Saving 2,250 (15%) 0