About iWMC

Initially established in 1998, Webmasters College was the first German College to offer a complete educational program for students looking to become Certified Web Professionals.

Since then, more than 1,000 students have been trained as professional webmasters, web designers, web developers, web administrators and online marketing managers. Today, many of them work in leading positions at nationally or internationally renowned companies or have established their own successful businesses.

Our Vision

It is our vision to offer the most advanced, up-to-date, practice-oriented and efficient programs for becoming web professionals, degree programs that really pay off for the students.

Our goals

Our values

Successful learning

We are fully aware of the diverging expectations and educational objectives our students may have and it is our aim to support each and every one accordingly.

Five Reasons for Studying at iWMC

  1. Our study program will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the latest web technologies, making you highly attractive for the international job market.
  2. Learn more—pay less: Innovative training methods, application-oriented projects, small study groups and individual, personal coaching mean that you study and learn much more effectively than at any other academic institution. You will reach a professional skill level in less time and pay less for your education.
  3. Start earning money earlier: With our highly innovative degree programs, our modular concept and our innovative training methods you reach a professional skill level after only 15 months of full-time studies, making it possible to start working as a web developer and earn money much earlier than with other academic programs.
  4. With only a few hundred students at a time (many of them enrolled in distance education classes) iWMC is a small but highly specialized College. We attach great importance to a personal atmosphere and to friendly contacts among students and between students and their trainers and coaches. Classroom study groups have a maximum size of 20 students, facilitating intense discussions and support. At iWMC, we are fully aware that life exists inside and outside the classroom. Therefore we offer numerous social and recreational activities to counterbalance the pressures of studying.
  5. Business network: iWMC closely works with businesses and employers within the internet market such as web design, web development and online marketing firms and we actively establish contacts between our students and employers for internships and jobs.