City of Nuremberg

Nuremberg is a fantastic city for studying! In contrast to other university towns, apartments are still affordable. Close to Nuremberg there are two other big cities: Fürth and Erlangen.


The metropolis of Nuremberg, in the heart of Germany, has a population of half a million, making it the second largest city in Bavaria. Nuremberg ranks high among the world’s most livable towns. The town’s landmark, the imperial castle, is part of the medieval historic city center which is surrounded by a well-preserved city wall.

All photos © Congress- & Tourismus-Zentrale Nürnberg, Uli Kowatsch


Within the last few years Nuremberg has developed into a major location of information technology. Almost 8,000 enterprises operate in the information and communication technology sector including global corporations like Alcatel-Lucent which maintains an important research site in Nuremberg. The university of Nuremberg-Erlangen and the Fraunhofer Institute represent the scientific branch. Many small and medium-sized web, e-commerce and marketing companies are the basis for a dynamic employment market for web specialists.

Photos © Congress- & Tourismus-Zentrale Nürnberg, Uli Kowatsch and Wikimedia Commons