College Life

A reasonable balance between learning and living is key to your success! At iWMC we offer numerous activities to our students that supplement classroom life.

House of Sports
House of Sports
  • Fitness Training, Badminton, Tennis, Golf

    In the House of Sports, a few kilometers away from our college, you'll find a fitness park, tennis and badminton courts and a nice golf course.

  • Swimming

    Close to iWMC there is also a squash park and a swimming pool. During summer, you can even swim in the campus lake right next to the college!

  • Weekly Run

    iWMC students meet once a week for a 5 kilometers endurance run through the nearby woods.

  • Hiking

    On several weekends we offer hiking trips in the Franconian Switzerland. The “Franconian Switzerland” (Fränkische Schweiz), a region in Northern Bavaria, is one of the oldest and most popular holiday areas in Germany. The creative artists of the Romantic movement once discovered this region and gave it this name. There is hardly any other stretch of countryside that holds as many contrasts within such a small area: soaring towers atop rocky cliffs, winding valleys, blossoming orchards, mysterious and enchanting caves. The Fränkische Schweiz is well worth a journey of discorvery at any time of the year.

    The history of many centuries has left its traces: towers, castles, ruins and other ancient buildings are spread all over the region. Medieval times are still present with more than 150 castles and palaces, about 30 of them are still inhabited, and you can visit six of them.


Excursions to successful online businesses in Germany (e.g. Rakuten,, Immowelt).

German Language Course

Like to learn German? Although most Germans speak at least some English, being able to communicate in German will open new opportunities to get to know the country and its people. Additionally, German language skills will also help when applying for a job at a German company after graduation from iWMC.

We offer an introductory course of German as a foreign language especially to our students.