Quality Management

Our institution and all our educational programs are audited and certified based on the German AZAV law (“Regulation on the procedure for accrediting certification bodies and providers of vocational training”). AZAV insists on the implementation of an effective quality management system and the adaptation of the educational programs to the job market requirements. The control of these given requirements is carried out by external expert institutions which annually in an audit examine the quality management system at the training center.

The first audit at iWMC took place on April 24, 2006 and was held by the expert institution HZA. It was certified that our institution “offers education on a very high standard and has developed an impressive approach to continually control quality and to adapt the learning content to the requirements of the job market.” Furthermore, it was noted that the documentation of our quality management system has “a very high standard and completely fulfills the requirements of AZAV”.

Our quality management (QM) system consists of 12 quality areas which are documented in detail in our QM reference book. The QM areas include, for example, the general principles, the analyses of the job market, the learning-teaching-process, the evaluation of the learning process, staff, infrastructure, students’ communication and controlling.